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Yvonne Fair was born in Virginia and got her start as a latter-day member of the Chantels and the James Brown Revue. Signed to Motown in the early ‘70s as a result of her work with Chuck Jackson, she appeared in a minor role as a chanteuse in the film Lady Sings the Blues before hooking up with producer Norman Whitfield for a first-rate series of singles: “Love Ain’t No Toy,” “Walk Out the Door if You Wanna,” what is perhaps the definitive version of “funky Music Sho’ ‘Nuff Turns me on,” and s stunning remake of the Kim Weston/Gladys Knight semistandard “It Should Have Been Me,” which dented the lower end of the pop charts in 1976. In 1976, had her only LP “The Bitch is Black” on Motown. A raucous sound belter who deserved better at Motown, she died March 6, 1994 in Las Vegas, NV.

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